What are recycled aggregates used for?

What are recycled aggregates used for?

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Recycling of materials is widespread among contractors. Concretes are among the most recycled materials by contractors. You may have been wondering where contractors carry the leftover concrete to. Nowadays, contractors recycle such materials, unlike in the past, when such materials were directed to the landfill as waste products.

Concrete materials can be reused in various ways depending on the size and shape of the leftover. Recycling construction materials such as concrete cut down construction expenses while benefiting the surrounding. The recycled concrete also replaces other materials that require to be mined such as gravel.

Uses of Recycled Concrete

Recycled materials are, in most cases, used to offer the same benefit as the new ones. Therefore, recycled concrete is in many ways used as a new material to offer services such as paving, aggregating and graveling.

Recycled concrete can be used in paving for driveways and walkways. The broken concrete leftovers are used to construct a stable road that is permeable to allow rainwater to filter through them. This way, the amount of runoff water during the rainy season is reduced.

Recycled concrete can also be broken and used to provide a basement for asphalt paving. They can also be used to create bed foundation for channels that contain underneath utility lines.

Old concrete can also be used to replace new aggregates. Recycling aggregates is achieved through crashing reused concrete materials into aggregates and use them to serve the same purpose as new aggregates.

Raise Garden Beds

Old concrete can be used to raise the garden bed to a higher level to allow the aged and those that have limited mobility to continue gardening. It also improves drainage in the garden and increases warmth in the soil to enable quick germination especially during spring.

Commercial Use

Old concrete materials can be recycled to be used to create roadways to offer extra spaces for parking as a result of overloaded traffic in towns and cities.


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