REAGG’s success lies in our commitment to delivering consistent and uncompromising quality in both products and services:

  • Sale and delivery of stone products
  • Manufacturing aggregates
  • Material disposal sites, accepting materials
  • On-site crushing, portable crusher, screening plant and conveyor

Aggregates – rock, stone, sand, and gravel – are the foundation of our transportation system, buildings and other construction projects.  The ancient structures we see and admire today were built centuries ago using identical resources – rock, stone, sand and gravel.  In today’s world, the technology and equipment are vastly different, but the products and processes remain unchanged.

As a major supplier of crushed stone materials, REAGG produces and delivers natural crushed stone products that meet local specifications.  We can also customize the size and the gradation based on the customer’s request.

If your need is riprap, stone dust or any size in between, REAGG has it or we will get it for you.

REAGG specializes in using its portable equipment to do on-site crushing and screening of materials at the customer’s construction and/or demolition site and have done so in many jurisdictions.  Whether it is rock, concrete or demolition debris, we have the experience, manpower, and equipment necessary to perform your job.  Our equipment, coupled with the decades of expertise, makes our on-site crushing services quick, reliable and affordable.

We have the ability to crush and screen to the required specification and project needs, which sets us apart from the competition.  We would be pleased to undertake your job on a lump sum basis, by the ton or rent you the equipment to effectively get your job done.

If you have a project that you think could benefit from on-site crushing, please contact us for an estimate or advice.  We are available to assist you in understanding the permitting process, determining the economics and logistics of performing the work on your site or to advise you on the type of equipment that will be needed for your job.

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