Sentiment of Freight Truckers Decline, According to Study from

Sentiment of Freight Truckers Decline, According to Study from

Like most sectors, the freight transportation industry is experiencing challenges as of late. According to a recent study conducted by, these problems are so great that nearly 51% of carriers polled are looking to change jobs in the next six to 12 months

This dissatisfaction comes despite most drivers making more money than ever before. The study found that 32% of respondents are reporting 50% to 74% higher earnings as labor shortages cause employers to offer unprecedented high wages. However, this increase in cash flow does not offset lifestyle pain points and negative economic indicators. 

Driving Factors Behind Freight Trucker Dissatisfaction 

This study brings to light the downsides of the freight shipping industry some that existed long before the pandemic and its subsequent supply chain issues. Many freight truck drivers report dissatisfaction with certain lifestyle elements of the career, such as time away from home and what life is like on the road. 

In addition, many experts point to economic indicators to explain the downturn in enthusiasm. In the spring of 2020, there was an explosion in the need for freight truckers as America saw an increased demand for durable goods.  As the nation navigates inflation, rising diesel prices, and overcapacity in the trucking market, freight rates are beginning to plummet. 

This cyclical rise and fall of demand is something many sectors face, but the freight trucking industry has proven to be more volatile than others. As a result, many drivers are looking to find more solid footing in a different industry. 

Alternative Careers for CDL Holders 

For freight truck drivers looking to pivot their careers, there are other avenues. Having a CDL allows a driver to be a valuable resource in other industries, including construction where drivers may find the benefits offset the many drawbacks of a career in freight. 

For instance, drivers are able to stay close to home, often working for one company and only traveling a few routes within a radius from the company’s home base. This is attractive for CDL holders with families, as they are able to return home each evening. 

While salaries for freight truck drivers are competitive, they are comparable to salaries for dump truck and other CDL-holding drivers. In addition, many construction companies offer a more attractive compensation structure, paying by the hour or by the load rather than per mile. This allows for more consistent pay, something that has historically been a pain point within the freight industry. 

Get on the Road to a New Career with ReAgg 

As freight truck drivers reconsider their careers, it’s worth noting the value and versatility of holding a CDL. A career as a driver in the construction industry remedies many of the common issues in freight trucking, such as time on the road, compensation, and pay structure. If you’re a freight truck driver looking to make a career change, consider driving with ReAgg. We offer competitive pay, comprehensive benefits, and the opportunity to grow. Learn more about current positions here.

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