How Rip-Rap Plays a Role in Erosion Control

How Rip-Rap Plays a Role in Erosion Control

Rip Rap Uses Prevents Erosion Baltimore Maryland

Erosion: wind, water and ice. It’s magnificent beauty can be seen on a massive scale by viewing the Grand Canyon. But what about the negative affects? Erosion may be a fact of nature but in today’s world, the construction industry is working hard to fight back and doing just that with a product called Rip-Rap.

What is Rip-Rap?

Although common throughout the construction industry, many do not know exactly what the term “rip-rap” means. Rip-rap refers to large, angular rocks or other heavy material whose primary function is to armor, stabilize and protect areas from erosion. Predominantly made of granite and limestone, rip-rap ranges in size from 5 to 30 inches and weighs anywhere between 40 – 2,000 lbs.

How it works

Rip-rap works by absorbing and deflecting the impact of rushing water before it can reach the protected area. The gaps between the rocks help to trap and reduce the flow of water which in turn, reduces its ability to a erode soil or other structures in harms way

Where is Rip-Rap used?

Rip-rap is primarily used to armor our shorelines and nearby structures against water and ice control. It’s an effective solution on construction sites were concentrated runoff may occur, such as inlets and outlets of storm pipes and culverts, bridges, slope drains, and storm drains. Rip-rap helps to prevent soil and/or sand from being cut away by the sweeping action of the water around inclines and stream beds, and also helps to impede wash out from foundation walls, pillars and other supports systems.

Other Benefits

Rip rap has the advantage of improving water quality as it naturally prevents the build-up of sediment. This helps the water near shorelines to remain clean and clear. Rip-rap also creates habitats for animals living in the surrounding areas. During high tide, the rip-rap becomes covered with water creating the perfect place for small creatures to escape and seek shelter.

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