The Six Projects You Need Crushed Stone For

The Six Projects You Need Crushed Stone For

Crushed stone is one of the most common and versatile types of aggregate products, and has proven to be useful in projects from major construction to landscape beautification. Here, the aggregate experts at ReAgg give more detail on six types of projects in which crushed stone plays an essential role. 

What is crushed stone? 

Crushed Stone is an aggregate term that refers to the product created when large rocks are broken down by machines into smaller, angular pieces.  While the term “gravel” is sometimes mistakenly used when referring to crushed stone, the two products are quite different. Gravel is created naturally by weathering and erosion, giving it a rounder shape while crushed stone is more angular in shape (as a result of the manufacturing process) and therefore more compatible.

Projects That Require Crushed Stone 

Crushed stone is a major player in most projects. In fact, we bet you interact with crushed stone every day. Below are six common projects that require crushed stone.


Crushed stone is a landscaper’s secret weapon, as it can be used in infinite ways to create beautiful commercial or home landscaping. Garden pathways, rock walls, water features, fire pits and steps can all be created from varying sizes of crushed stone. In addition, mulch and grass can even be replaced by crushed stone to achieve a  low-maintenance and trendy landscape. 


The use of crushed stone on railroads (a type of ballast) is a bit of an engineering marvel.  It’s elongated, angular properties allow the stone to interlock, thereby creating a tough, load-bearing foundation to support the weight of the trains. Technically classified as a “loose graded aggregate,” (meaning it has no fines) this type of crushed stone allows water to easily pass for drainage. It also prevents weeds and grass from overgrowing onto the track. 


Crushed stone is utilized as the base for most highways. The consistently angular and strong structure of the stone provides the immense amount of stability needed in highway construction.  In fact, a two-lane highway utilizes roughly 25,000 tons of crushed stone for every mile. Thanks to crushed stone, we are able to get from point A to point B on safe and smooth roadways. 


Crushed stone is the “drainage” medium of choice from residential yards to construction sites for two reasons. First, it is a loosely graded aggregate (with no fines) allowing water to easily pass through and second, it is a load-bearing, hard material that won’t break down when subjected to repeated contact with water. 

Shoreline Protection 

Crushed stone plays an important role in protecting our coastlines. Many banks along rivers, bays, and lakes use large amounts of crushed stone, particularly if a home or business is nearby. Crushed stone can be used to help prevent shoreline erosion. Installing a combination of smaller crushed stone and rip-rap (a larger crushed stone), helps to diminish problems like sinkholes, invasive plant species, and rapid shoreline erosion, allowing home and business owners to enjoy their water-front properties. 


Believe it or not, crushed stone is a key player in the agriculture industry – specifically poultry. Chickens do not have teeth and often rely on poultry grit to help digest their food. Farmers will provide their chickens with a bowl of small rocks, often granite, which allows them to break down their food and more easily absorb nutrients. 

Crushed Stone: Many Uses, All Important 

The impacts of crushed stone can be seen all around us. When you drive on a road, enjoy eggs for breakfast, or use any product that was shipped by freight, you are benefiting from crushed stone. While it may be “just rocks,” crushed stone helps to drive our world every day. 

We’re More Than Just Stone: Get Complete Support on Your Next Project with ReAgg

With decades of experience, the experts at ReAgg can assist with the crushed stone requirements on your next project. From guidance on which material is best for your project to the logistics of delivery, our team will be there every step of the way. To learn more about crushed stone and how the team at ReAgg can help, call (301)-336-6700. 


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