The Main Cost Benefit Between Recycled Aggregate Vs. New

The Main Cost Benefit Between Recycled Aggregate Vs. New

Recycled Aggregate Onsite Crushing Baltimore

At ReAgg, we are the Baltimore area leader in recycling concrete materials to create useful aggregates used in many projects. Recycling concrete from a demolition or construction site is one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly options out there. The aggregates created can be utilized to include building projects, repairing commercial and residential spaces, railways, and roads.

Important Aggregate Uses

There are many vital uses for aggregates in today’s construction projects.

Most aggregates are used for:

  • Subbase
  • Shoulder Stone
  • Backfill
  • Driveways
  • Pipe Bedding

The Benefits of Recycling Concrete

There are many clear benefits associated with recycling concrete. These benefits include:

  • Budget Benefits
  • Environmental Benefits
  • Recycled Concrete Has Many Different Uses

The Cost Difference Between New Aggregate Vs. Aggregate Made from Recycled Concrete

One of the key benefits of using aggregate made from recycled concrete is the lowered cost compared to using newly created aggregate. Producing recycled aggregate does not require the mining of the new materials required to produce aggregate from scratch.

As a result, recycled concrete results in being much more cost-effective compared to new aggregate. The lower production costs are passed onto the consumer. Recycled concrete is a benefit that is hard to argue with when purchasing aggregate created from recycled concrete.

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