The Benefits of Working in Construction

The Benefits of Working in Construction

The benefits of the construction industry are all around us – freshly paved roads, new schools, another grocery store in your neighborhood. But have you ever considered the benefits that a career in construction could provide you? Here, the experts at ReAgg share some facts about the industry as well as give insight into how their careers in construction have paid off.

Job Availability

The world around us is constantly growing and evolving, and because of that construction is one of the biggest industries in America. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 7.4 million Americans worked in the construction sector in July. In addition, our nation currently faces a shortage of skilled workers in the trades. According to a recent study, construction-related job postings have increased 50% nationwide since pre-pandemic levels. Because of this demand for work, construction jobs are available nearly anywhere in the country. Choosing a career in construction gives you the flexibility to live in any region of the United States.

Competitive Salaries

While pay can vary based on where you live and what trade you’re in, most construction-related careers offer competitive salaries. In addition, pay tends to increase with experience and training, so raises and bonuses are common in the industry. For example, the average dump truck driver is paid $20.99 an hour in Maryland, allowing for a yearly salary that is well above the median household income.

Easy Entry Points to a Long-Term Career

Getting into the industry is relatively simple, even with no experience. Most trades offer entry-level positions as laborers or field personnel, where tradesmen learn through hands-on experience. It is not uncommon for tradesmen to start off in entry-level positions and work their way up to a management position. This is a unique benefit of the construction industry, as very few career options allow you to enter without any degree or formal training and have the option to work your way up.

You Can Learn Without Accumulating Student Debt

If you are considering your options for life after graduation, it is important to note that most training for the construction industry can be completed without accumulating student debt. For most trades, it is unnecessary to have a college degree. Some trades do require formal training, however, and this can be done under an apprenticeship or through a trade or technical school.

Varying Levels of Physical Activity

Another benefit of the construction industry is that it caters to an active lifestyle. Most field jobs and tradesmen get to spend time outdoors rather than being stuck behind a desk. However, if you prefer a more sedentary job setting, positions such as a dump truck driver provide less of a physical strain.

Find Your Next Career With ReAgg

Choosing a career can be overwhelming, but the construction field offers many benefits that a career in an office setting may not. It is important to consider all of your options, including those in the construction industry, while on your job hunt. If you believe that construction is a good fit for you, consider a career with ReAgg. ReAgg is a pioneer in the aggregates and transportation industry, and we’re looking to expand our team. Learn more about why ReAgg is more than just stone by visiting our career page today.

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