2 Benefits of Recycling Concrete for Construction Projects

2 Benefits of Recycling Concrete for Construction Projects

Concrete Recycling Construction Projects in Baltimore

Construction projects usually have concrete debris that needs to be hauled away. You may have torn up sidewalk or a heavy load of concrete after a demolition project. Removing and recycling concrete with ReAgg gets the concrete out of your way and has many environmental and financial benefits. There are different removal methods based on the size, type and shape of the concrete.

Environmental Benefits

Concrete debris consists of mostly large pieces of the concrete. Reusing it means that landfills are not filled with construction waste. This leads to fewer vehicles needed to transport concrete long distances so that the equipment is not polluting the air through new concrete creation.

Financial Benefits

Reusing concrete lowers costs for a construction project. It also saves time because the materials do not have to be mined, crushed, mixed or transported. Lower rates makes everyone happy because it can provide lower project estimates for a new commercial building foundation, roadway pavement, driveway or house foundation. Additionally, companies like reusing concrete because it could provide tax benefits and additional savings.

The Basics of Recycled Concrete

To recycle concrete, machines are used to crush it up and break it down. Dirt, debris and particles are removed using different methods. Some of the methods include running it through a secondary impactor, or using water flotation, magnets, or separators. Most concrete can be disposed, but it is important to know the weight and size to ensure the right method is used.

Roll Off Dumpsters versus Concrete Removal

One of the easiest ways to get rid of concrete is to rent a roll off dumpster or rent a dump truck for hauling. They are an efficient way to unload a large quantity of concrete. Some dumpsters hold as much as twelve pick-up truck loads of waste. Roll off dumpster rental in Baltimore can be scheduled to arrive when it works for you. You can load it up at your own pace. When the dumpster is full, it can be picked up without anyone needing to be there.

If you do not want to be bothered moving the concrete, you can schedule removal services too. You will have to pay more and be present, but you will not have to deal with the heavy lifting.

Call today for concrete recycling in Baltimore. We offer competitive quotes on roll off dumpsters, onsite concrete crushing services, and dump truck hauling.

If you do not want to do the lifting, we also have removal services. We have dumpsters and services of all types and will make sure the job is done right. Our team is ready to haul away all your concrete so you can move on to the next stage of your project. Call today so we can help you clean up after a construction project!

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