Benefits of Using Crushed Stone in Your Landscaping Projects

Benefits of Using Crushed Stone in Your Landscaping Projects

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Crush stone is an extremely versatile product, particularly in the landscaping of your home or office. From walkways and driveways to flowerbeds, ground cover and even fire pits, crushed stone might just become your next “go-to” product.

If you’re looking for an alternative to flagstone and/or concrete for your next walkway, consider the many benefits of crushed stone. It gives you a unique look and has the inherent quality of promoting much needed drainage. This multifaceted stone is also a great choice for driveways as it’s angular shape helps to provide a higher rate of compaction when compared to traditional gravel.

Are you rethinking your flowerbeds and getting a bit tired of standard mulch? Crushed stone offers uniform color, enhances the stability of your plants and shrubs, and serves as excellent groundcover in rock gardens where living ground covers are difficult to maintain.

If you have an area in your yard where water drains slowly, crushed stone will slow down the water and create a nice focal point. And, for that much-needed fire pit, crushed stone can be used inside and out, helping to protect against the spread of fire while providing a safe seating area.

In both residential and commercial applications, adding crush done under concrete slab will ensure a level surface for your foundation. Concrete poured directly over the ground will erode over time and cause your slab to crack and sink. Additional uses include, backfill, drainage projects, pipe-bedding, parking lots and more.

So, whether your next project is a park, municipal project or private home, crushed stone is a smart choice. Relatively inexpensive when compared to other types of landscaping, this all-purpose material continues to grow in popularity and has long-term benefits with a lower price tag.

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