Why Choose ReAgg?

Perhaps you’re in need of quality aggregate products, such as crushed stone, sand, pea gravel, bank run, topsoil, riprap and/or recycled concrete. If so, we will deliver what you need, when you need it, 24/7, in Washington, DC., Northern Virginia and the Baltimore Metropolitan Area. The quality of our products is matched only by our outstanding logistics system and on-time delivery. Or, maybe you need to get rid of concrete and/or rock. Our Washington DC and Maryland facilities accept both, and we haul and dispose of dirt, asphalt and slurry. Plus, we have portable crushers and screening plants for convenient onsite crushing.

It isn’t unusual to need a combination of our products and services, we are we’re ready to help and serve you, meeting your challenges with strategic use of resources.

Our Longevity is Our Testimonial

Businesses come and go. But, REAGG has been supplying Washington, DC metropolitan area contractors for more than two decades, and we’re happy to supply references upon request. Our commitment is to each customer’s success, our track record is our proof.

Ethics Matter

Yes, corporate governance policies and compliance programs dictate ethical behavior as a must – and, while we agree with that, we behave ethically because that’s who we are. It’s really that simple. That’s who we’ve been for more than two decades – and that’s who we’ll be going forward in the 21st century.
We’ll treat you, our valued customer, well.

We treat our employees and other stakeholders well. In fact, we treat everyone we encounter well. Quality and integrity are natural outgrowths of our ethical beliefs – we are ready to serve you today, with quality products and services, with integrity. Contact us online today or call us at 301-336-6700.

Capitol Heights Aggregate Delivery & Transportation

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